Hello everybody, we are Chainless Games from Prague, a beautiful city in central Europe. We are a small team with more than 12 years experience from game industry. We have been working for big Czech game studios on well know titles like Arma, Arma 2, Take on Helicopters, Euro Truck Simulator 2.


We always had a passion for making and playing games, and we wanted to create our own games. That was the reason we formed Chainless Games and released our first mobile game GBikes in 2012. GBikes sold thousands of copies, without any marketing, it was promoted by Google Play selection, and it was also licensed and localized for the Korean market.

A year later we made GBikes Ultimate Edition with more tracks, GBikes, and improved graphics.


After that, we started to prepare to make of Forbidden Unit, as it is a much bigger project it required a lot of planning and prototyping from our side.

We developed our system and tools for easy level editing, character management, dialogs, and items. We also implemented a stunning amount of functionality into the game.


Forbidden Unit is now heading to Kickstarter so don't wait and support this awesome project :)


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