Sci-fi RPG with turn-based combats. The game is taking place in the future after the last world war. Traditional states and political distribution of the world no longer exists. Earth is largely destroyed. Some people survive behind the walls of the city states, under the control of large corporations that run their entire lives. The other people survive in the wasteland where the only valid law is the survival of the fittest. 
The story is focused on four main characters. They work as mercenaries in a complicated world where the line between black and white is blurred. During the game, you will learn things about past and present of every member of your group, their relationships, personal life, and why they work together.
You will take different contracts from powerful corporations, clans, and individuals... There will be more than one way how to finish contracts, and the decision is up to you. You may find dirty secrets behind your contracting authority and refuse to finish the contract, but be prepared to face consequences...
The game is currently in development.

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